The Effectiveness of a Water Smart Grid on Water Resource Management in Texas

A color map of aquifers in Regional Water Planning Group L (South Central TX)

Team: Rosa Delgado, Urowoli Bafor


Attempts at sustainable management of TX water is thwarted by the rule of capture. Aquifers are largely drawn by ag usage and potentially contaminated by oil usage. The governance system for water is separate from that which governs people. Population and water dynamics have increased water stress

Hypothesis & Methods

Institutional analysis and development models using game theory can show how incremental technological improvement (pumps vs pump meters, quality vs usage)

Potential Outcomes & Impact

Aid in design of water smart grid technologies

Aid in development of new technology for human-centered governance

Publications, Presentations, Patents

Jones, engrXiv, 2019

U. Bafor, R. Delgado, A. Jones Water Smart Grid Application in Texas Research Innovation Scholarship Entreprenuership Expo, Northeastern University 2021


R. Delgado was funded by a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety of the National Institutes of Health. (A Jones as mentor)

U. Bafor was funded by a Northeastern University Provost PEAK Award