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We solve global challenges in water and health using engineering and policy analysis. Our mission is to develop novel systems to improve the environmental health and safety and understand what policies will lead to their equitable deployment. We study how external stresses impacts biofilm formation, viability, and susceptibility with applications towards infection, medical devices, food, water and wastewater treatment systems. We study past water and air policy outcomes as guidelines for future technology.


  1. Our research is outcomes oriented. We always have an eye for how our research will make the world a better place.   

  1. Our research is fundamentally scientific. We hypothesize, then test, then evaluate, then repeat.   

  1. We strive for academic integrity. We let the data tell the story. Bad data is not hidden but contextualized.  

  1. We strive to be good citizens of science. We keep abreast to the pressing issues in science, engage with the larger scientific community, and represent science in daily lives.  

  1. We understand that research is never values neutral. We actively consider the impacts our research could have on the world at large to the best of our abilities.  

  1. We are a flat lab.  All voices are heard and considered.  Anyone at anytime can contribute to anything.   

  1. We prioritize safety in the workplace.  Members should adhere to safety protocols and speak out when they see unsafe practices.  

  1. We understand our fellow lab members are people first, and science can wait.  

  1. We actively support fellow lab members being more than scientists. We are citizens, parents, partners, mentors, and much more.  

  1. We encourage and promote research aimed at improving outcomes for systemically disadvantaged peoples.   

  1. We actively pursue diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A lab with differing cultural backgrounds is a better, more creative and productive lab.  

  1. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.